Saturday, September 25, 2010

Third Person and the Virtues Faerie

Today we played Pathfinder RPG with the two kids next door. My two oldest started going at it almost right away, arguing over who was going second in the marching order, and their friends sighed in frustration at having to wait until the argument was over for the game to continue. So I cut them off and told them that if they were going to argue, then they would have to argue in character, thereby suffering any natural consequences of doing so (like being overheard by monsters). My 9-year-old looked at me, said, "Ok," then turned to her sister and said, "Norma goes second!"

My oldest replied, "Since when do you talk about yourself in the third- wait, which one is it? Second person? Third person?"

"Third," I said.

"Yeah, that," she exclaimed, staring her sister down with a smug expression.

And so their assignment for Monday is to each write a one or two paragraph scene from today's adventure, from the point of view of their own character, but told in the third person narrative mode. After they've done that, I'm going to have them rewrite the scenes from the first person perspective.

Oh, and I almost forgot: my wife listened in on the game today and played an unusual character known as "the Virtues Faerie." Here's how it works: when the players aren't acting virtuously, like when they're fighting with each other to the point of disrupting the game and ruining everyone's fun, then she shows up and uses her magic to punish their misdeeds. She can take XP, gold, supplies, you name it. Anything she wants. Today she made off with 300 gp!

That settled things down quite nicely.


  1. I have recently decided to add D&D to our many homeschooling tools and would like to discuss some things with you. Would you be willing to friend me on facebook to facilitate that? I am the "eric lebow" with a chocolate cake for a profile pic.