Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introductions Are In Order

I picked up these plastic miniatures for the game this weekend because I had no good ones for the four new players to use. It bothers me that they're not accurate representations of the players' characters. I worry that the players will substitute the appearance of the minis for the images in their imaginations, rather than the reverse. I've always hated minis for this reason, even when they're fairly accurate, but I guess with later editions of D&D, including Pathfinder, they're a useful and (almost) necessary evil. I rarely used them growing up and I guess I got used to doing it that way.

As always, to protect the anonymity of my friends and family (whether or not that's a worthwhile goal), I'll use character names to reference both the characters and their players.

Clockwise from the top: The Unnamed, played by my wife. She has 24 hours to name her half-orc monk character. Obviously her mini is neither half-orc nor a monk, but it is female and big. Next is Erynian ("Wren"), a female elven druid played by a good friend of ours. Gender and race are correct, but the spear is misleading. Marra the halfling ranger is played by Wren's daughter, and represented by a male halfling (didn't see any females). Finally, Isaiah Deluvia, a Saurian wizard played by our friend (Wren's husband / Marra's dad), will be using a human male mini since no Saurian-like minis of any class were available at the store.

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