Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magic Items Index

The following is a list of magic items I've created or modified for our homeschool adventures. Not all of them are in the characters' possession yet. The links take you to my blog entries about those items. This list will grow as I write about more magic items, and I'll keep a link to it over on the right side for easy access. More of a convenience for me, really, than for my single-digit legion of followers.

As a brief look through these items will reveal, the themes here are (1) there's no such thing as a free lunch, and (2) magic is always better when it's about more than just mathematical effects.

Nephrym's Claw - A dark and hungry god's lost talon offers the characters a price. And here's the story about how it was used for the first time.

Skull of Fibon - The last remains of an ancient sage who is bound to tell truths or lies according to a famous mathematical sequence.

Broach of Courage - Faint of heart? Fear not! This manly broach gives you the courage you lack, though you may become unpopular.

Cloak of Elvenkind - Grants you near-perfect invisibility while sucking the life out of you.

Ring of Protection - Goes further than any previous ring to actually protect you from harm, whether you like it or not.

Eye of Ilgerish - Lets you see things as they truly are, but sometimes that's a scary thing.

Bag of Holding - A great way to carry around a heavy load without throwing out your back...but wait: whose stuff is this?

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