Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Generation via d12

Stumbled on this site via Reddit: The Dungeon Dozen.  All kinds of things you can generate with a d12.

I love these things.

Which reminds me, my 20 Death Scenes generator from my last post came in handy last night.  I walked into the dungeon with five level-0 characters, and only one survived.  Well, so far...we still have at least three rooms left to clear.  Anyway, it was fun to role-play my elf ("Berelon Glathoniel the Enlightened, on Whom Shines the Light of Everlasting Utar") describing in gruesome detail how badly the spear in his spleen hurt.  Berelon went on to be revived by one Farmer Brown, who was himself killed just moments later.  Farmer Brown is survived by his duck.

Dungeon Crawl Classics:  very high mortality rate.  And a ton of fun.  I love the idea of Darwinian pressure determining who will be remembered as heroes, and who will forever be relegated to the status of monster fodder.

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