Saturday, April 23, 2011

When Bad Things Happen to Bad People

Got about four hours of gaming in today with the kids. The boy and girl next door came over and joined us. We had a great time, with the exception of one little episode which I'll blog about later (along with the fallout from that).

Tonight I want to share this little gem (see the picture on the right). The little yellow pieces of clay are gricks: man-sized worm-like creatures with toothy maws and nasty tentacles. They're coming out of that well in the bottom of the picture. The one on the left is swallowing a dark creeper, specifically a dark creeper who had attacked the party earlier in another room of the dungeon and then run away when his allies were killed. Here he is getting his just desserts.

Some background on this adventure, in case it comes in handy in later posts: the kids are exploring the ancient ruins of a city buried beneath the living city of Port Manteau. The ancient city, which was once called Micqui (the Nahuatl word for corpse), was itself built within the carcass of a dead demigod. This monster was shaped like a colossal tortoise, with four heads of different beasts (crow, jackal, tiger, and - get this - mudskipper) pointing out in the four cardinal directions. The ancient city is made of the beast's bones, and the outer shell is still completely intact. The kids are in search of a legendary treasure belonging to Queen Esseniri, the last known sovereign of doomed Micqui.

It's a bit more complicated than that, actually. Some of you may recall a previous session where the characters got into a scuffle with a shopkeeper, and it ended badly for the shopkeeper. After the adventurers made good their escape, the city guards were able to revive the shopkeeper, who was then able to give an accurate description of his attackers. They have been on the lam ever since. Elerisa made her way to the city museum which was housing an exhibit called "The Lost Princess of NimoriƩl." Obviously this would draw her attention seeing as how she is the lost princess of antiquity, so they were waiting for her when she arrived. Except it wasn't the authorities who caught up with her: it was a slimy underworld boss, with a patch on one eye, going by the name "Raze." He had men with him, enough to prevent her from giving him trouble. He told her about the legendary city buried beneath their feet, and the queen's treasure. Then he made a deal with her: he would use his contacts to have the charges against them dropped, if they found the treasure and provided him with a map of how to get there. They may keep anything they find along the way, but they are not permitted to keep any of the queen's treasure.

The kids are already plotting ways to double-cross the guy.

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