Sunday, August 22, 2010

Next Up: An Interesting Port City

Spoiler alert: If you'll be playing an RPG game with me in the next few weeks (and you know who you are), please stop reading.

The kids will soon be arriving in the port city of Manteau, and when they do, there will be some adults in the party. My wife and I have invited a couple of our homeschooling friends to bring their daughter over for an RPG day. That's right: the couple, my wife, and all four kids, together at one table, with myself as GM. I'm pretty amped up about it. What better way to spend some time together? Usually when these friends come over, the adults play board games while the kids go upstairs to play. This way we'll all enjoy game night together. Am I naïve to think this will be a blast? I don't think so.

I'm hoping they won't read this blog entry, hence the spoiler alert, but I needed some blog material. So here we go. The port city has mild educational value, but I'm hoping they don't pick up on the joke right away: "port" city of "Manteau" = Port Manteau = portmanteau, a blending of two or more words or morphemes and meanings into one new word, like "spork." The characters won't be privy to this right away, but the person they'll be looking for to help them decipher a cryptic message is a sninx, which will turn out to be a combination snake and sphinx. I may give this individual creature a formal name (like "Brad" or something...probably nothing so mundane, though) so they never hear the word "sninx."

Along the way they'll probably have a run-in with Mark, who will be trying to stop them. Mark is a man who has several rows of teeth, as you might imagine.

The more of these kinds of combos I can throw at them, the more likely they are to pick up on the theme. It would be fun if they could figure it out during the adventure. Can any of my two or so readers offer any more portmanteau ideas I can use in this adventure?

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