Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

You enter a large, irregularly shaped cavern with peculiar walls made of something like petrified wood.  There are seven large holes high in the walls and ceiling, maybe 7' in diameter, randomly arranged.  On the floor in the center of the room there's an iron spike about about 5' long.  If you listen closely you can barely make out deep, hushed voices, too muffled to make out the words.

Suddenly, a gigantic hand reaches in through one of the holes and starts groping about blindly.  You dive out of the way to try to avoid it.  If you succeed, the hand eventually finds the iron spike, picks it up, and pulls it through the hole.

A second hand enters from behind you.  This time you stab at it in self-defense, and it quickly withdraws.  You think you hear someone huge in the distance let out a muted "Ow!"

Or maybe you aren't quick enough, and the hand grabs you and roughly pulls you through the hole and into an enormous chamber, where an armored giant and his friends examine you curiously.


Later, perhaps in the same dungeon, perhaps not, and after much exploration and general adventuring, you come to a room with an irregularly shaped stump placed in the center.  The stump has seven holes in it, 6" in diameter each.  An inscription on the boulder instructs only the bravest of adventurers to choose a hole and reach into it to find an amazing treasure.  You decide to give it a try.

You reach in and pull out a tiny adventurer.

Flash!  Aaaaaah!  Inspires every one of us!