Sunday, July 31, 2011

Suddenly, a Game Breaks Out

For my birthday last week my wife gave me a rolling toolbox to put my RPG supplies in. This was a thoughtful gift. She had seen me make multiple trips to load up my car before heading out to game sessions. Usually it takes three trips. Now, thanks to my rolling toolbox, it will take only one trip, two if I'm bearing snacks. And it gives me a single place to store my stuff in between sessions.

I also picked up a 48" x 34.5" battlemat by Chessex. I love my new battlemat.

So on Thursday while I was at work I got a phone call from my oldest daughter. "Dad, where is Pinky's sheet?"

This could only mean one thing: they were playing Pathfinder. On their own, without me, which is exactly what I always want to happen. The more they figure things out for themselves, the more effective a learning tool it becomes. Anyway, I didn't know where Pinky's sheet was, but I knew how to help. "He's a riding dog. Look up 'dog' in the Bestiary."

"Oh, right. Ok, bye!" Click.

I learned later how it happened. The little girl next door was playing with my kids, and they were showing her my new toys. They were looking at all my minis and the new battlemat, getting more and more excited, and somebody finally said, "Hey, you know what? We should play!"

And so they did.

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