Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nothing to See Here...

This winter gymnastics schedule is killing us. We haven't had a chance to play. I expect that trend to continue this weekend, due to the Superbowl.

Spoilers follow!
On the upside, I've got quite the game going with my grown-up friends. It's a custom adventure I made, but it's too dark for the kids. I'll need to clean it up before running them through it. I will run them through it, though. It's too rich and full of plot twists and turns to set aside.

One of the players found a magic dagger last session. At least, he thinks it's magic. That's because someone cast a spell on it to give it a magic aura that the spellcasters in the group can detect. In truth, though, it is not a dagger at all but a baby Mimic (used here in accordance with the OGL). When the player strikes at opponents with it, it does normal dagger damage, plus the mimic's bite damage. I describe the sensation of it tugging and ripping at the target's flesh. Not the kind of thing I would necessarily do with the kids, but you have to admit it's cool in a creepy kind of way.

The beauty of it is that the player has indicated all he needs now to round out his character is a magical rapier or short sword. Meanwhile, the more it eats, the more the mimic will grow. After a few more uses, it won't fit in its sheath anymore. I will describe it as having grown longer and thinner, not unlike a miniature rapier. If I'm lucky, he'll think that the item is magically growing to fit the needs of its owner. This will work out fine for awhile, at least until the mimic grows more massive than either sword type. It will then be a longsword, and eventually even bigger.

At some point it will show itself to be what it really is: a bloodthirsty fiend. Mwahahahahaaaa!

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