Monday, July 19, 2010

You're in a Corridor...

"...and you come to a four-way intersection."

I never would have thought that such a simple statement as this could so enthrall an audience of kids raised in the age of video games. But it did. I was running my three kids through a D&D adventure, and they had invited two of their friends over from next door to play their very first role-playing game (RPG), when they came to the intersection. This simple choice created quite a stir. Said the nine-year-old boy from next door, his eyes wide open and his voice full of excitement and anticipation: "This is the cool stuff! This is it! Which way do we go? We don't know which way to go, and we have to decide!"

A few minutes later, after they had decided to go down the left corridor, I described the passage as sloping downward. "Yeah!" he cried, practically jumping out of his seat. "That's the stuff! That's where we'll find the treasure!"

Now that my kids are hooked, they want to get as many of their friends playing the game as possible. They're asking me if they can play D&D during "Game Day" with their homeschooling group. My wife and I are going to look into it and see what the interest level is. I am assuming we're going to see interest from at least a few of them, because D&D is an activity that offers many learning opportunities.

I've decided to start this blog for anyone who has wondered about using D&D in the context of homeschooling, to share my experiences and ideas with anyone who cares to read them. I have many thoughts on the subject that I'll begin to share in future threads, and I bet I can learn a lot from homeschoolers and others who read this blog and post their comments.

Hope to see you around the next bend in the corridor!

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